Round packaging

In packaging, work unit for production of round boxes are machines for spiral and parallel winding, labeling machines, machines for installation of aluminum foil and lids, for cutting paper into strips and for making machinery transport boxes, with or without printing.


Van dose:

Combined doses (or boxes), inner diameter of 40, 52, 65, 80, 99 and 130 millimeters and height from 75 to 360 millimeters.
With a diameter of 65, 80 and 99 mm can be installed aluminum membrane, with or without the latch to open.
Combined doses can be labeled with coated or varnished labels.
Doses are closed with sheet metal or plastic lids.
Paper tubes for industrial use – Paper tube or a cardboard tube, of internal diameter of 7 to 355 millimeters and wall thickness of 0.8 to 18 millimeters, and a length up to 6 meters


Labeled dose for tea with aluminum cone that preserves quality properties of tea.


Dose with aluminum cone that preserves fine flavors of tobacco.

Food products:

Dose for deli products with perforated PVC and sheet metal lid.
Dose for coffee or sugar with aluminum cone that preserves the aroma and protects against moisture.
Labeled dose with aluminum cone that keeps macrobiotic properties and flavor of drinks.
Dose for salt and spices with special perforated lid for this purpose.
Labeled box for spaghetti. Suitable for multiple use.

Paper tubes for industrial use:

Paper tubes or a cardboard tubes, of internal diameter from 7 to 355 millimeters and wall thickness from 0.8 to 18 millimeters and a length up to 6 meters.

Round packaging photos

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