About Us

DOO Litopapir Cacak was founded in 1954 as a publishing company and later expanded the business as a paper manufacturing company. Since 2009 the basic activity is production of paper and cardboard packaging.

From the very beginning Litopapir is expanding its operations and investing in modern equipment for production of all kinds of paper packaging. In 1968 the company started to export the goods to foreign markets and during the eighties became one of the leaders in the former Yugoslavia in the production of kraft bags, bags, stationery, round packaging, and exported to over 30 foreign countries.

Litopapir lokacija

According to the Law on Social Capital, in 1991 Litopapir was transformed into a stock company of mixed ownership. Under the Low on privatization, at the auction held in Kragujevac 19.11.2003. the social capital was sold and in 2007 were conducted two recapitalizations by the Swedish company Swelandia Pulp and Paper AB, so “Litopapir” has become a company with a majority of the Swedish capital.

Today, this company, with highest quality standards in paper packaging, exports most of its products to EU countries and countries in the region.