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The manufacturer of quality paper packaging according to the highest standards. The most of its production exports to the countries of the European Union.

Hajduk Veljkova 52,
Čačak 32000 Serbia

About Us

since 1954

SINCE 1954.Why Litopapir?

Leader in the manufacture all-purpose packaging

Litopapir is a company with more than 70 years of providing various paper packaging products. Founded in 1954, the Company has managed to continuously grow over the years and transform itself to answer all market requirements. Constant innovation in paper packaging and continuous investments in quality improvement were always a central focus of its development. Besides that, we constantly invest in our teams, since we believe people are ones that make the difference.

HistoryHistory of our company

Since our establishment, we are specialized in various paper products, with nowadays focus on paper bags with flat handles. Continuous investments in state-of-the-art production lines and technology, but also in our employees, we put ESG in center of our business development.

Besides good price as a direct manufacturer, we believe in quality, flexibility and adaptation to each customer’s needs.   

Our manufacturing journeyProduction Process


In printing department, we have 5 modern printing machines with:
  • 6 colors
  • Speed up to 250 meters / minute
  • All time control and inspection of printing
Newly installed Ink-Maker is preparing the colors and directly controlled by the spectrophotometer guarantees high quality and color intensity on our paper bags.


This part of production has 3 machines for cutting the paper that both our productions use for their products (Round packaging, handles)


This production is established in 2 modern 6.000 m2 facilities and consists of 15 various production machines, producing paper bags with inside and outside handles, without handles and double layer paper bags.


In a facility of near 4.000 m2 we are producing wide range of round packaging used in various industries. In packaging, work unit for production of round boxes are machines for spiral and parallel winding, labeling machines, machines for installation of aluminum foil and lids, for cutting paper into strips and for making machinery transport boxes, with or without printing.


Litopapir is a company that has been offering its customers various products from the paper packaging industry for 70 years, with the main focus on eco-paper bags. Quality, good delivery time and competitive prices are central to our products. By producing paper bags, i.e. products that are completely biodegradable and green, and help to preserve the environment, our goal is to promote the sustainable and long-term development of our company, our employees, and society as a whole.


Our vision is to provide the best product and service to all our customers. High standards reflected in the most modern production lines and our professional employees give us strength in achieving these goals. Our goal is to move rapidly through further investments in production capacity and employee training, in order to initiate profitable growth and become an even better Litopapir and one of the leading European companies in the field of production of paper bags, round packaging and e-commerce envelopes.

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