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The manufacturer of quality paper packaging according to the highest standards. The most of its production exports to the countries of the European Union.

Hajduk Veljkova 52,
Čačak 32000 Serbia

Sustainable Development

Greener Today for Greener Future

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As a socially and environmentally responsible
company, in every step of production and business, we keep in mind the preservation of the environment.

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Litopapir is an FSC™ (FSC-C114567) certified company. FSC means that input materials, which is the paper, come from sustainable and well-managed forests.
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Our products are made from high-quality cellulose and recycled materials and fibers, which allows the bag to be used in various areas of business, for a wide variety of products. We use water based glues and colors in our production. At the same time, the products can be reused up to 7-8 times in different ways, showing our commitment to being a part of wider movement for preserving the nature.
Our whole post-production waste is being re-sold for further usage.

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Environmental and Social Governance is in the center of our business. We use water pumps system for heating and cooling of all our buildings and 50% of electricity use is covered from own production with Solar panels. Our aim is to cover 100% of energy use from the renewable sources and zero CO2 emission by year 2030.

CERTIFICATESSustainable development and FSC™ (FSC-C114567) Certificate

As a socially and environmentally responsible company, in every step of production and business, we keep inmind the preservation of the environment.

Litopapir is an FSC™ (FSC-C114567) certified company, which means we actively raiseenvironmental awareness and promote production with raw materials fromsustainable sources.
The FSC™ (FSC-C114567) mark is a guarantee that the bag is made from wood that comes from astrictly monitored chain: from a certified forest, through processing to productionitself. On request, our products can be supplied and manufactured with FSC™certified material.
All our bags are made of cellulose paper, whichis a biodegradable material. It takes six to eightweeks for a paper bag to decompose withoutharming the environment. Due to their quality andstrength, they can be used multiple times, but alsorecycled, which greatly reduces the consumptionof new materials for production.

Social accountability

Our company advocates respect for the human rights of workers, and we expect the same from our suppliers, adhering to the principles of Amfori BSCI.

Amfori BSCI, i.e. Amfori BSCI’s Code of Conduct, refers to international conventions such as the General Declaration on Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines and the Declaration of the Labor Organization (ILO) on the fundamental principles and rights of work in.
The Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct consists of 11 principles for an ethical and socially responsible way of doing business. Child labor, forced labor, discrimination and corruption are prohibited, and there are also demands related to safety at work, dignified working hours, as well as the right of factory workers to union membership and collective bargaining.

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