Litopapir Čačak

Since 1954

Litopapir doo Čačak

Company for the production of all types of paper packaging and is located in Čačak, Hajduk Veljkova 52 on an area of 5 ha of city construction land where about 22,000 m2 of hall space was built.

  • • It was founded on October 25, 1954. as a graphic company and a company for the production of all types of paper packaging
  • • In 1968. began the first export to foreign market
  • • During the eighties, the company became one of the leaders in the former SFRY
  • • Pursuant to the Law on Social Capital, in 1991 Litopapir was transformed into a joint stock company in mixed ownership
  • • According to the Law on Privatization at the auction held in Kragujevac on November 19, 2003. social capital is sold in
  • • During 2007, two recapitalisations were made through a public offering from the Swedish company Swelandia Pulp and Paper AB, so that Litopapir became a company with a majority Swedish capital

Litopapir Čačak


Leader in the manufacture all-purpose packaging

Litopapir is the largest producer of paper packaging in Serbia.


A tradition of more than half a century

Litopapir started the production of paper packaging in 1954 years


Interesting facts about us

Export markets
250 +
60 +
2500 +

Manufacturing of paper packaging

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